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This is where we will post our clients' comments and photographs that they submit after their charter experience.  We are including a few from our previous charter site (this was rebuilt in October 2012) but eagerly await many more as the months go by.

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Gecko Girls First Dive – Jacques Vieira
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Your Stories
The Cummings Family - 6 August 2012

"The whole Madagascar trip was incredible to say the least. On Charter Yacht Gecko we laughed a lot, slept a lot, explored, learnt a lot, suntanned a lot, read a lot, swam a lot (even once with dolphins) , caught great fish ( not a lot but good enough), ate fantastic food on the boat (a lot), experienced animals we have never seen before, beautiful islands and beaches with the whole period on the boat being peaceful yet loads of fun for all of us.

It was a great way for our close loving family to bond together and share so much happiness together at quite close quarters. It is not easy to fully describe, our true feelings about our time spent on ‘Gecko,’ as in fairness they were so varied and unique yet on reflection words such as – curious, exciting, intriguing, restful, fulfilling, tranquil, adventurous yet safe, compelling yet for most parts unscathed, fresh & untouched, serene yet teeming with life, and I guess that makes a holiday thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying overall!

Finally with regards to the Gecko you certainly have chosen great staff- especially Albert -he is a true ‘Boatman’ and gentleman as well. As a team all 3 were very helpful, always discreet, respectful and friendly. Alex the Chef ensured that our food was always very well prepared and expertly presented, especially when considering the close quarters he operated in; Maurice was very helpful even though he could not converse with us – he still helped me bring in my biggest fish to date – a beautiful Sailfish weighing over 42kg. I hope I did not break a tradition but felt it worthy to give them all extremely good gratuities.

I thank you most sincerely once again for all your efforts, the valuable insight, the help in planning & booking our trip and your absolute willing care that you gave us during this time- long may your business survive, as people like you are scarce and hard to find in the travel services industry. I sincerely hope you continue to find time to visit and explore your beloved Madagascar and that you and your family continue to prosper."

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