The North Itinerary

Explore the remote Northern Islands of the Mitsio

The North Itinerary

Made up of a total of 13 large and small islands The Mitsio is home to Tsarabanjina (beautiful sands), the Four Brothers (of Fifth Brother fame), Grande Mitsio with its geological peculiarity The Organ Pipes and Ankarea (a favourite snorkelling spot and beach visit).

Offering wonderful dive sites, intrepid fishing, incredible beaches, clear water and lonely fishing villages, the Mitsio is probably best visited if this is your second charter. It is a long trip to get here; only one safe anchorage (so you spend more than one night in the same place) and it can be bumpy if the wind is not in the right place.

For a first charter our recommendation would be to do the South Itinerary – but please remember: it is ALWAYS the captain's final decision as he takes into account weather, tides, wind and the comfort and type of group on charter.

However, this charter will always include Tanikely Marine Reserve, Nosy Komba Lemur Park, Lokobe National Park and Nosy Sakatia.

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