L'Heure Bleue Hotel

Bungalows and Luxury Villas

L'Heure Bleue Hotel - Madirokely Beach

Family Bungalows, new Luxury Villas, good spot to explore 'mainland' Nosy Be.Swimming-pool, cocktail bar, vibrant night-life.

Madirokely Beach Nosy Be - The very first hotel we ever stayed in on our first visit to Madagascar in 2006 - wow! It has really changed since then! It still enjoys a panoramic and ever entertaining view of busy Madirokely Beach below it and the bay which is home to many different types of boat. In the distance is Tanikely Marine Reserve and, beyond that, the hazy mountains of Madagascar. L'Heure Bleue offers three types of accommodation with double or family bungalows and their new Luxury Villas with huge bedrooms and private verandas with mini gardens. The dining area is on an open deck overlooking the sea and bay and they have recently renovated the entire lounge/bar area. This is one of the few smaller lodges that has a swimming pool and, on our last visit in August 2012, they had just completed and were busy filling their sea water pool with rim flow edge and cocktail bar. We enjoy L'Heure Bleue for one night but the music emanating from the clubs towards Ambataloaka (the other end of the beach) could become intrusive. The food is good, there is a sunken TV corner, kids seem to enjoy the pool and parents the spa up the hill with an incredible view. If one wants a bit of luxury without the crowds and impersonal atmosphere of the larger hotels then L'Heure Bleue is a good spot for a few days to explore 'mainland' Nosy Be.

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